Wedding Cake FAQ

Q: Do you offer tastings for wedding cakes?

A: Yes. I offer the bride and groom a choice of 2 different cake flavors for a fee of $35. That amount will then be deducted from the final cost of the wedding cake should you decide to get your wedding cake from me.

Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: Yes. I require a $100 non-refundable “save the date” deposit due when you book your wedding cake with me. This deposit ensures that I will be able to do your wedding and or groom’s cakes on your wedding date.

Q: Do you deliver the cake?

A: Yes. I will deliver the cake to your venue. Here are the rates for some of my common venues:

Just call me to discuss a fair rate if you dont fall into one of these categories.

Q: How soon do I need to pay for my wedding and/or groom’s cakes?

A: Payment in full is due 2 weeks prior to your wedding date.

Q: How soon should I book my wedding cake?

A: Just as soon as possible!  Certain dates during the year fill up very quickly!

Q: Can I use fresh flowers on my cake?

A: Sure, but you’ll need to order them from your florist when you order the rest of the flowers for your wedding.  I’ll be glad to place them on the cake for you or the florist is often able to do that as well.

Q: Can I freeze the top layer of my wedding cake for our first anniversary?

A: Sure you can. I will provide you with instructions and a box for preserving the top layer of your wedding cake to serve on your first anniversary.